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Hi, I'm Karna and Red Stairs is the name of the company I started when I first started taking on clients for Web Development projects. I didn't think it was professional for my invoices to have just my name at the top. I wanted to seem like a bigger deal than I was. So I filled out some paperwork and registered a business.

It turns out that most people don't care what's on the invoice as long as you get the work done and are generally friendly. But the name stuck anyway. I know now that what really matters are the results I provide for those I work with. So, that's what I focus on.

Do you need a designer? Well, I'm not your guy.

How about a creative that can make a difference in how your brand is perceived? Not it.

Someone to write the code to bring your designs to life? I can help.
Would you like to build tools to measure/improve internal metrics? Hello.
How about integrating with APIs and leveraging existing platforms? That's me!

Let's work together!

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The team at CanvasRx saw the potential in the growing Medical Marijuana industry in Ontario. The process for a patient from getting their prescription to ordering the medication is not simple because of the laws currently in place. We built software that their counsellors use to help patients find strains and keep track of patient history.


Lumiary is a customer intelligence platforms for ecommerce and point of sale systems. I have been a long-term part of their tech team, and I’ve worked closely with the CTO and product team to build core features of their SaaS offering.

LaSalle Travel Services

This travel agency wanted a way for their customers to easily find the latest offerings. This site is built on a hosted CMS to make it easy for even the non-technical folks at the company to update it. And features a responsive design that looks great on all devices.
LaSalle Travel Services



Red Stairs is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Right on the Canada-US border with a beautiful view of the Detroit skyline. We (as in I with other contracted developers) have been in business building websites since 2013.

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